Hair Tips I’ve Learned…

How is your hair so thick?

I’m going to get that question out of the way. I truly believe genetics plays a HUGE part in your hair development. However, I will share what I’ve found to be great for keeping my hair thick. I use to brush my hair when it was wet or when I would put a hot oil treatment in. It was the worst thing I did for years!!!! I would lose a hand full and think it was normal!

My brother, Grandfather & Nana with their thick hair

That above is my brother, grandfather & Nana with their thick hair. My nana is over 70 years old and her hair is still very thick and all the way past her bottom.

I finally stopped brushing it when it was wet but there was something else I had to also change. That was using loads of product and wearing my hair up every day with that same product and not washing it out.

I congratulate the people who have the time to wash their hair every day or every other day. But for me and my hair… I have to wait at least 5-7 days. It takes too long to wash, condition, dry & brush to do it often. Not just time consuming but it would be a killer on our bank if I washed it anymore. (I can’t even imagine!)

Welcome to “Fried City”

As I stated in my previous hair post, I struggled with extreme knots!! Not tangles, huge knots, in my hair ever since I was young. My hair has always been extremely dry! So using product for scrunching or curling etc. would dry my hair out even more!

So…I truly believe that heat and product would kill my hair. Not necessarily the thinning part but gave me crazy split ends. So now I rarely use heat or product on my hair! I will dry shampoo about once or twice at the tops of my hair for freshness. I would call it my “fried” hair living in “fried city”.

When I would put product in to scrunch or curl and you see the steam and hear the sizzle. I didnt think anything of it then but I cringe now knowing I was practically burning it off. Now I’m not saying I wont ever do it like that again but as often as I did (every day) I dont plan on ever going that route.

So you want texture without frying your hair?? TRY BRAIDS!! I naturally have wavy hair so I actually try to tame mine but when I need volume…I sleep in braids!! French braid, regular braid or double French braids.(freshly washed hair braids are best)


The Miracles for my hair

One of the miracles for my hair have been prayer!!! That is the most amazing thing that has changed and helped my hair improve. By prayer I mean deliverance and wisdom. Deliverance from the struggles of dry hair & knots. Wisdom for the care my hair needed.

Secondly, Not using heat!! Just use it for special occasions! I believe you will find shine, strength & growth if you try it for 30 days or more!

Third, not brushing near as often. Try only brushing/combing once a day or every other day. I’ve found it helps in hair loss. I’ve also began using a hair pick. I don’t LOVE it but I can definitely see how it helps not pull my hair! I’m still trying it out but I still use my hair brush.

Fourth, I truly TRULY LOVE HAIR MASKS!! I have started using them at the end of 2018. In the past I would use leave in conditioners or hot oil masks. I would use them because people would say it worked for them. It didn’t for me but it may for you. So I’m going to share my favorite hair masks!!

The Miracle of Hair Masks

I did a Live Video on my Instagram Page putting in my hair mask

I started out using: 2 tbsp of honey, 2 eggs & banana.

Then I changed it to 2 tbsp honey, 2 eggs & coconut oil. Loved that one for a while!!

Then this last time I was out of honey and didn’t have bananas. I had went to the grocery store that day and bought an Aloe Vera drink. I looked and thought, hmmm this would be great for my hair if I can just stomach it.

Later than night when I noticed I didn’t have my usual hair mask products. I was scrounging for things to put in my hair. I just couldn’t stomach mayonnaise for some reason. It being in my hair might would ruin my love for tomato sandwiches. Lol So I decided to just forfeit that Aloe Vera drink to put in my hair.

I loaded my hair with Coconut Oil, Eggs & Aloe Vera. 45 minutes wrapped up then washed out with cold(ish) water. Then washed with shampoo once. Rinsed it out. Then shampooed again. Then conditioned.

I let my hair air dry as I sleep because it takes a million years (lol jk) to dry during the day if I were to wash it in the mornings.

The next morning I was so amazed by the miracle of Aloe Vera, Eggs & Coconut Oil. Next month I’m going to try pure Aloe Vera like this one…

It’s on sale for $12 on Amazon right now

I think that’s all for now. I’m consistently trying new things so I’m sure there will be another one of these hair posts. I figured it would be easier for a blog post for alot of questions I get about hair care.

After aloe vera mask ❤❤❤

Try them & I think you will be pleased!!! Treat your hair nice. 😉

Love & Blessings till next time…

2 thoughts on “Hair Tips I’ve Learned…

  1. I love your hair blogs and posts. I’m a licensed cosmetologist and currently trying to let my natural curly, unruly hair grow. I will add that if ppl are not shampooing twice in one wash, try it!! The first gets the outer layer of gunk off the hair, the second actually cleanses the hair. And as hard as it is, rinse in tepid (cool) water. Hot water opens the hair cuticle and allows the shampoo to work, the cool water closes it back to keep the conditioner in the hair shaft to help with dryness, etc. I keep telling your nana I need to start doing long hair so I can do hers!! She’s precious.


    1. That’s Awesome!! Her hair is amazing!! We have very similar hair texture! Most people don’t believe how long her hair still is! She has always taken great care of it! I completely agree with the washing twice & cool water!! Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂


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