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Hair growth has always been something I never had issues with until here recently. My hair had always been extremely thick. You know those normal ponytails…yeah…those never fit my hair. I had haircut after haircut as a child. So much that I began to despise getting my hair cut.

Once my hair started growing I realized why my mother had it cut all the time. WOW. I had super dry hair!! So dry that it would tangle even from a ponytail!! From a braid!! And the worst….a twisty bun!! When I would wear my hair in a bun (which obviously was my thing in the 2000’s) I would take it down and my hair would look like dreadlocks. A tangled stringy mess.
I would do hot oil treatments on my hair but it just never seemed to be the “miracle”.

In my youth I used a lot of heat, I mean A LOT! Curling Iron, Hot Sticks & Straightener. It’s embarrassing to look back at my pictures. What was I thinking? I was damaging my hair more than I ever realized.


What I didn’t know then…

Up until about 3 years ago I would curl, hairspray, scrunch and gel almost everyday! I even started teasing my hair and oh boy’ do I regret that! (face palm) I thought I was young…my hair could handle anything.

I miss that thickness

I have 2 kids and both were delivered via cesarean. After them both, I lost a lot of my beautiful pregnant hair. Not just that, but the strength & shine of my hair was just gone.

I wouldn’t prioritize my hair or myself. If the kids needed food, a drink or whatever it came first. A dirty diaper, the house, laundry…you name it. I would fix my hair once and load all the product in it and make it last AT LEAST a week. I would sleep in it, wake up and spray it again. Curl the fronts to make it look like I didnt just roll outta bed (Which I did) and repeat again.

I had a wake up call

Three years ago I had dolled up my hair. Super fancy. Curled, sprayed and teased. Life happened and the next day was a Saturday. I thought my hair still looked fresh, so I’ll just keep it like that a few more days.

Worst. Thing. Ever.

A couple days turned into 5 days. That turned into 8 days of not washing or brushing out the chemicals in my hair! I had 2 kids at home. We were moving and looking at houses and land near everyday. Also, dealing with banks and preapprovals. Uhhh…

I woke up and it was the first day I didnt have to hurry, get ready and be gone all day. I looked in the mirror as I grabbed the brush. I looked around at boxes and looked at our rental house not being where I needed it to be. I broke down and cried. How did I let my hair get to this???

It was the worst it had ever been.

Knots the size of golfballs in near every string of hair. Dreadlocks of pure knot is the best example. I called my mom crying. Asking if she could ask her sisters, my aunts, to help attempt to get my hair out of the mess it was in. I was about to have a nervous breakdown. (My moms side of the family has hair just like mine)

Stressed and not having FAITH

Of all the many times my hair has gone through this. THIS was a lesson from the Lord. I had to slow down my life. I was doing way too much. Putting other things before myself. I was important too!! I knew I needed to change my perception.

After HOURS. We finished…

This was all the hair I lost

Why don’t you just cut it?

Alot of people would say, why don’t you just “cut” it? That makes me really sad…I just can’t stand the thought of giving the devil ANYTHING!! It never made me comfortable when I was a kid. I’ve had short hair before and I didn’t like it. It wasnt “me”. So I decided to let it grow.

Easy answer to why I dont “cut” my hair…

IT IS MY GLORY. Not every woman is gifted long hair

The World is changed by your example, not your opinion.

Showing strength to not cut my hair, helps MY faith in God. I know he will deliver, he will strengthen and I will overcome. I will have to stand through the fiery trials in LIFE, no matter the tangles and knots, knowing I am not giving in to the adversary!! My hair is just a “rock” that I have stood on for faith that helps with my strength in God. I did not give in then… I will not give in now. He is the SAME GOD and will be there for me just like he was all those times.

Everyday I brush my hair, I stand thanking God for the knowledge he has given me. Through all the many extreme de-tangling sessions that I’ve had throughout my life. (Too many to count) Many children of God has come to my house and helped deliver my hair and my mind.

It has thinned, shortened then gained length. You name it. One day I will probably be gray headed and my hair may fall out. It’s already lost a lot of length & fill but…

That is OKAY.

Life isn’t perfect.

But God is.

Note: this is not against anyone who cuts or trims their hair. My prayers to those who has lost their hair due to health. We all have our fights with faith. This one is mine. Hallelujah! Love you all! CLICK HERE FOR HAIR TIPS

Love & Blessings

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