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Love and Biscuits…

I thought I’d start by the first experience I ever had with southern tradition. Southern buttermilk biscuits laid on a wooden table full with the best breakfast spread: Biscuits, grease gravy, bacon & eggs. Surrounded by family and started with a prayer.

Growing up my father traveled some for his job as an engineer and my mother was a stay at home mom/wife of 3 kids. I have a brother and a sister. We grew up very close and had an unbreakable bond with our love of family, honesty, music & Christ.

Our breakfast was mostly “on-the-go” meals. Like cereal & milk, oatmeal & pop-tarts. My mom wasn’t much of a cook. She just wasn’t raised in a home that did much cooking. (Don’t get me wrong she DID cook! lol) We never went without and always had something to eat. In fact, we were raised the natural, all organic, herbs, veggie & fruit way. (before it became popular)

I wasn’t much on staying the night with anyone but I had a cousin that was also a great friend. She was a couple years older than me. I loved having older friends! It made me feel “grown up”. Here is a picture of us probably wading in a creek camping or about to go camping. It seemed our parents and relatives camped all the time.

So when I would stay the night with my cousin we would have a blast and stay up late. She had a computer in her house. What? Yes…a computer! It was the late 90’s so that was a big deal to me. I loved playing on it! She also had a water bed. Yes…you read that right. I know those are a little before the 90’s but that bed was like sleeping on a float in the ocean.

I always knew as soon as the sun came up… the wonderful smell of bacon frying would soon fill the air.

Her dad and mom were some amazing people! Their hospitality and love for everyone stayed in my heart. (her and her brother were just as hospitable) Each act of love they shown was over the top. If I sat on the couch they would make sure I had extra pillows behind my back. Then cover me with a blanket. I would laugh but honestly it made me feel so comfortable. I can honestly say that part of my life made a huge impact on how I try to treat others.

Life happened and separated our families but I have carried those precious memories with me.

Fast forward 10-12 years and I met the love of my life. He lived in a small, small town. I knew nothing about it or him. A sweet older woman who I admired had matched us up at church and boom it went from there. It was love.

One of the many things I loved about him & his family was the natural & welcoming feeling they all were to anyone outside of the family. They welcomed pretty much anyone into the family and made them feel at home. His whole family lived nearby, practically on the same street. I didn’t relate to it but had a sweet memory that connected to my heart. The same kind of family I had been around when I was younger. It would pull at my heart thinking about my childhood and missing those times. In my mind I was at disbelief these type of people still existed. (I say that like it’s an Ice age or something LOL)

His grandmother would cook every single Saturday and Sunday. (unless things came up) Saturday morning would be homemade breakfast. The whole 9 yards: Buttermilk Biscuits, Bacon, Fried Tenderloin, Fried Ham, Fried Eggs, cut garden tomatoes & Grease Gravy.

When Ryan (boyfriend at the time/husband now) would pick me up when we dated on Saturday mornings it was some of the best times!! He brought me into the tradition he was brought up with. Little did he or anyone know what a wooden table with homemade buttermilk biscuits meant to me.

It connected with my inner child about love and family. Something I had always wanted and now have. We still try to keep it alive so my children will remember these traditions.

And here it was… Love & Biscuits.

I don’t have Nannies recipe (his grandmother) but I have been working for years trying to get close! That recipe will be on a separate blog post. CLICK HERE

Wishing you LOVE & BLESSINGS!

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